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Wood Carving Anatomy Project
Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education

A wood carving project for design students giving consideration to environmental and economic impacts.

This project aims to provide students and community members with a collection of 14 arms/hands, 13 legs, 7 heads and 7 torsos, primarily carved out of tree branches and trunks from verge side green-waste collection by students.

The project is a diverse collaboration between experienced and inexperienced artists and designers, and between students, technicians and lecturers, allowing participants to learn from each other throughout the program.

Through wood carving workshops and exhibition, participants will gain hands-on experience in using new and varied carving equipment and techniques. This project encourages students to broaden their creativity horizons, by endeavouring on new projects giving consideration to environmental and economic impact. As the new equipment is to be donated to the ALVA workshop, it will benefit future students after the completion of our project.

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The #FlippedMedia Initiative
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

An engaging online learning community for students from different degree levels to connect and learn from each other.

This project aims to create a culture that teaches students creative confidence, design thinking, networking and the communication skills required to bring change into the world. The program will build connections between students from different degree levels by incorporating innovation and creativity in learning through enhanced interoperability using social media.

The program will embed peer-led learning into institutions, build a sense of community and allows students to take on greater ownership and engagement of their learning, creating a promising generation of UWA leaders.

Social media ambassadors will harness the power of social media to engage the community, including current and future students, alumni, the public, and scientists from around the world with service, research and teaching activities of School of Biomedical Sciences. Social Media Engagers will embed routine and fun course review into the everyday activities of undergraduate students.

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Virtual Reality Community Spaces
Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education & Faculty of Science

Virtual reality spaces providing an immersive learning experience for music and exercise science students.

This program will provide three new student-accessible virtual reality spaces across campus at the Wigmore Studio, the Reid Library, and the Exercise Science Gait Lab.

This program aims to unite the music student communities by running workshops on how to encode student musical compositions into the VR game “Beat Saber”. The program will help bridge the current divide between the new electronic music student cohort and the existing traditional music student cohort by providing a venue for shared play, growth, and collaboration.

This program also aims to engage students in a fun competition to create innovative virtual reality learning experiences for incorporation into future Exercise Science curricula and remote student outreach. By involving students in the learning resource development process we can improve their undergraduate experience by incorporating their preferences, opinions, and feedback into their learning materials and growing a sense of community out of this shared ownership.

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