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The UWA Alumni Ambassador program helps strengthen UWA’s reputation and amplify our international profile. Being a responsive role, the program aims to provide connections for prospective and exchange students to alumni in their city, sharing their UWA experience, providing career insights and industry connections. Alumni Ambassadors can contribute their time and talent in support of UWA’s international priorities and initiatives, supporting UWA's 2030 vision, and help UWA continue to be a world top 100 university. 

All ambassadors are invited to attend the Global Alumni Volunteer Conference which provides exclusive training and networking opportunities. Below are just some of the opportunities available:

Alumni voices

Share your UWA experience

People value alumni opinions. You share a connection to UWA, studied here, but are seen as an independent voice. Opportunities include:

  • Podcasts
  • Alumni-authored articles
  • Testimonials
  • Panel speaker


Words of Wisdom

Offer informal advice and information to prospective students. Opportunities include:

  • Student recruitment mentoring
  • In country mentoring (exchange students)
  • Online mentoring (future and current students)

Alumni success stories

Reflecting on your UWA experience, what aspects were most important for your development?

UWA graduates carry out interesting careers. Graduates are also often involved in vital research, a manner of subjects across all research areas. Some are interested in politics, others in law, epidemiology, sport, seagrasses or information and communications technology.

To promote the diversity of UWA, and to encourage others who are inspired to make their own mark on the world, we encourage you to share your story to future UWA students.

Representing at recruitment fairs

Share your university experience with future UWA students

Take the opportunity to represent UWA at recruitment fairs. In collaboration with UWA staff, speak to future students (and their parent’s), answer questions and queries about your time studying at UWA and help build awareness of the role UWA plays' in career prospects.

Worldwide, UWA has over 145,000 graduates. That’s a powerful network. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to contact Alumni in your region and find yourself in the company of extraordinary people — mentors, collaborators and friends. 

UWA alumni around the world

The University is affiliated with a variety of Friends groups, fundraising groups, and societies. These interest-based groups offer membership and volunteer opportunities to everyone, and enable the community to have meaningful involvement in life at UWA.