Are you passionate about volunteering? We need you.

The Volunteering Study at UWA is calling for participants to help analyse the relationship between personality and attraction to volunteering. Previous research shows that people who are highly extroverted and agreeable are more likely to volunteer. This research aims to find out how to attract all kinds of people to volunteer.

If you volunteer at least once a month, you are eligible to participate in the short two-part survey. With the findings, researchers will develop recruitment advertisements, testing whether they can attract people who are traditionally non-volunteers to volunteer. This will help to increase the volunteering pool, helping organisations find the right people, and potentially lead to further research discoveries.

More information crowdresearch.uwa.edu.au

Crowd Research at UWA

Make a call for UWA

No one knows the value of a UWA degree better than a UWA grad. And no one is a better ambassador when it comes to talking with prospective students. If you're up for making a few calls, we can change all that and make UWA's conversion rate the envy of other unis.

Our focus in this first round will be prospective domestic postgraduate students who have received their letters of offer from UWA and are expecting a follow-up call. We'll give you everything you need to reach out to them and share your own experiences of studying here so they can imagine - and get excited about - their own.

Call in your own time or join with other grads in a telethon-style calling effort. Register your interest today to find out more.


Friends and Groups

The University is affiliated to a variety of Friends groups, fundraising groups, and societies. These interest-based groups offer membership and volunteer opportunities to everyone, and enable the community to have meaningful involvement in life at UWA.

Career Mentor Link and Women in Engineering

It has never been easier to become a Mentor for UWA students. Mentors and mentees can log into the Career Mentor Link online platform to sign up and get matched.

The Career Mentor Link one-on-one mentoring program is run in conjunction with UWA’s faculties to:

  • Support students in developing skills to manage their career
  • Provide students with an industry perspective to enhance their academic learning
  • Prepare students for transition to the workplace
  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships between industry, the University and its students

Career Mentor Link runs for 6 months from April to October.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor in 2017 simply upload your profile at uwa.menteer.ca (click on the Dandelion) or email careermentorlink@uwa.edu.au 

Women in Engineering