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Pulling together for the environment

There are few things that resonate as strongly with UWA alumni collectively than caring for the environment. Here you will see how The University of Western Australia and it's community is leading positive change in environmental protection and the fight against plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution innovation by UWA grads

Podcasts with grad environment experts

You don’t have to wait long for another story about the devastating effects of plastic on our environment and, particularly it seems, our oceans and wildlife. It’s in fish flesh now, never mind the tiny pieces that fall into our food with dust from the air. And then there’s the estimate that, by 2025, the ratio of finfish to plastic in marine waters could be 3:1. By 2050, 1:1.

To help spread the word and inspire people to work for change, UWA hosted twin events in Perth and Singapore featuring panels of plastic pollution experts and a community driven to make a difference.

Plastic, plastic everywhere! (Singapore)

Following on from last year’s highly successful community event of the same name in Perth, close to 150 UWA alumni and friends gathered in Singapore for Plastic, plastic everywhere! a panel discussion focused on changing attitudes and behaviour to address the very real problem of plastic pollution.

Singapore event podcast

Meet the panellist for Singapore

Plastic, plastic everywhere! (Perth)

On Saturday 17 November 2018 hundreds of UWA community members, with a shared concern of plastic pollution, gathered on the steps of Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery to hear from an exceptional panel of research and graduate experts.

Guests joined speakers and fellow alumni for refreshments, took in the Biology as Art gallery exhibition and enjoyed a fabulous musical performance by percussionist, creator and educator, Thea Rossen BMus '15, who has developed works inspired by the science, ideas and emotions surrounding Climate Change.

You can watch and listen to the panel discussion below, view the event gallery and find links to the amazing work being undertaken by our panellists and other UWA people.

Listen or watch to the discussion and get inspired to make change happen

Watch the full panel discussion video on YouTube here.

Meet the panellists for Perth