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Starting life in Bahrain, Adil Cader’s worldly upbringing is now seeing him pursue his dreams. The University of Western Australia Master of International Law and Master of International Relations student is currently helping represent Australia in the United Nations after being selected for an internship by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Adil has a long-held passion for hands-on work, previously interning with various international relations think tanks and working part-time as a student library officer following his move to Australia.

“Naturally, globalisation was something I understood from an early age. I was also keen to find common ground whether it be through sport or an activity which then led me to become very interested in how countries co-operate. Living at St Catherine’s and being the inter-college representative gave me a sense of working together with different institutions to achieve a common goal.”

Adil says he was always intrigued by the United Nations (UN) and interpreting how leaders and representatives from countries of such different political and economic nature met in one room to discuss shared issues. Having travelled to many countries and completing his schooling overseas, Adil has seen first-hand how the UN plays a positive impact. The Model United Nations program run by the UWA International Relations Society gave Adil a head start when it came to gaining experience in debating, diplomacy and negotiations. He took part in simulation UN sessions in Australia and Indonesia with students from around the Asia Pacific, which was “a truly worthwhile opportunity” working with people from different backgrounds in diplomatic simulations.

Adil is further inspired by how many UWA alumni have become diplomats for Australia in the world of international affairs, from Kim Beazley’s work in improving our bi-lateral relationship with America to Michael Sheldrick’s project to eliminate poverty. Adil is now travelling overseas for the UN General Assembly Internship Program that will see him assist in the Australian mission to New York during the 71st annual session of the General Assembly. Adil is looking forward to assisting with policy work and negotiations on committees and helping at the prestigious UN World Leaders week.

“The UN is like the Olympics of international relations, and similar to the sporting arena, I’ve always been inspired by Australia’s role on the UN. A lot of topics that will be discussed such as disarmament, development, gender equality and economic co-operation are all topics Australia plays a large role in. I’ve always wanted that chance to represent Australia at the UN and be part of the team that pushes towards these pertinent global issues.”

Adil advises fellow students to develop their skills by taking every opportunity available outside the classroom. This could be attending guest lectures, taking internships whilst studying and researching foreign policy topics and broadening your knowledge by studying different topics to your area of study.

“As Henry Ford once said, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right’. I would say similarly, something only remains impossible until it is achieved. Given the high competition for such an internship [only seven people are selected nationally], I would have never imagined I would be selected for such a worthwhile and enriching experience. Unless you give something a go, you will never know what your chances are.”