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UWA and me

I got involved with uni life from the day I started university. I joined as many clubs as I could during orientation week. I started uni with a mindset that I wanted to do more than just study from 9-5 and contribute to our campus life and the wider community. This year, I am the Guild’s Environment Officer and the President for UWA French Club. As the Environment Officer, I run events and initiatives to promote sustainability on campus – from running EnviroFest to make your own keepcup events. My time at UWA has been amazing so far as I have had the opportunity to give back to students through something that I love.

Small steps for a better future

I’ve always been passionate about sustainability. Through my passion, I hope to work with other environmental organisations to create sustainable change to avoid creating a future defined by climate chaos. This year has been a big step for environmental change in WA such as the plastic bag ban and I would like to contribute to the small steps that we are taking for a better future. As the Environment Officer, I have worked with the Guild to switch to alternatives such as more compostable and biodegradable packaging, introducing zero carbon electric scooter sharing platforms and revamping the sustainability plan and would love to continue working on such initiatives on a wider scale.

Creating a sustainable tomorrow

I would like to do masters relating to Sustainable Design/Environmental Architecture after finishing my degree in Environmental Science as I would love to work in the green building field to create a sustainable tomorrow! It’s a growing field and would help with developing our houses and cities more eco-consciously, as the way we plan and develop our cities isn’t sustainable for our future.

Words of Wisdom

Get as involved with campus life as possible! The Guild has one of the best campus cultures in Australia so make sure to see what each club and society has to offer. You’ll regret not getting involved from the start.

Basundhara Dutta is a second year Environmental Science student at the University of Western Australia. She is the UWA Student Guild’s Environment Officer and the President for UWA French Club. In 2018, Basundhara’s aim with the Guild Environment Department was to maximise student engagement by promoting sustainability campus-wide and providing a larger platform for students to engage and advocate for environmental issues. Throughout the year, she relaunched the Fossil Free UWA campaign, ran events such as EnviroFest, make your own keepcup events and Enviro Week as well as working with the university to implement sustainable initiatives at UWA. Sustainability is big topic in 2018 and Basundhara would like to continue partaking in environmental initiatives through her career in Environmental Science and Sustainable Design.

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