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UWA and me

Since graduating I’ve worked at a few different companies including PwC and most recently Navitas, where I was fortunate enough to work in their venture capital team, focusing on investing in education startups - which is a passion of mine. My most recent pursuit is a startup that I’ve co-founded to digitise communication with remote worksites.

UWA was important because it allowed me to make great, lifelong friends, and to undertake an unforgettable semester studying abroad at Copenhagen Business School. UWA also provided the opportunity to be taught by some great lecturers (Dave Webb, Paul Harrigan, Raymond Da Silva, and many more) who inspired me to keep learning and challenged me to think differently, which I’ll always be grateful for.

A passion for a better world 

My passion is exploring how we can use technology to make the world a better place, such as giving the world access to education, or helping doctors manage and diagnose diseases with artificial intelligence. I believe there are many ways we can improve our current systems and work with technology to make our lives better, easier, and happier.

Sink or swim moments

What I truly love about my career are the opportunities to overcome challenges and learn. Some of the most interesting moments were at PwC, relatively early in my career, where I was put in front of CEOs and CFOs to advise them on their business risks. These sink or swim moments were highlights as they allowed me to stretch and learn fast.

More recently, I spent some time in Silicon Valley where I was able to meet and learn from some amazing people who had inspired me for years.

International Women’s Day – a day to remember and celebrate

International women’s day is an important day to remember and celebrate the women who refused to give up. It’s important to me that we recognise how far women have come in their pursuit of equal rights, education, employment, and recognition for their innovations and accomplishments - when the world didn’t make it easy. We’ve come a long way which should be celebrated and I’m excited to see the progress we’ll continue to make.

Words of wisdom for current students

Be open to new experiences and say yes to opportunities and challenges on the way, even if you don’t know where they’ll lead. It’s rare that people will find their dream job when they graduate so concentrate on gaining new skills, learning from great people and enjoying the journey.

About Jasmin

Jasmin is a cofounder of Cribber, a startup that’s digitising worksite communication and has worked with global companies such as Woodside, Maersk and Subsea 7. She has a passion for innovation and technology and has been heavily involved in the startup ecosystem in Perth and now London. She’s been involved in hackathons, accelerators, featured in Vogue Australia and was Entrepreneur in Residence at Woodside. She has also worked in venture capital investing with a focus on innovative education companies with a mission to transform how the world learns.

Jasmin started her career in risk consulting at PwC where she helped advise some of the largest resource companies in the world. She studied finance at UWA and continued her Masters at Copenhagen Business School, which inspired her to transition her career from consulting to technology. She is a graduate of Australia’s leading accelerator program muru-D, and the Founder Institute, an accelerator program based in Silicon Valley.

You can keep up-to-date with Jasmin and Cribber on Facebook and Twitter.