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A story worth celebrating

Through stories from UWA Albany alumni it becomes abundantly clear that UWA Albany will always be more than it's high-quality teaching or innovative research. This year marks two decades of learning, friendship, research and the amazing community of support at UWA Albany. We want you to help us celebrate.

  • Albany Research Dinner

    On 24 October treat yourself to a compelling showcase of research trail blazers made all the better by good food and great conversation. 

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  • Procession and celebration

    Join fellow alumni and Friends of UWA Albany on 25 October for a procession down York St to the Albany Entertainment Centre.

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  • Share your story

    Help celebrate by sharing your stories and memories of your time at UWA Albany. Stories will be published on this page and UWA social media!

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History of UWA in Albany

UWA Albany is a vibrant regional campus embedded in the Great Southern community, delivering high quality education, research and services that both reflect the strengths and needs of the Great Southern region and are valued by the rest of the university.

Established in 1999, the Albany Centre provides high quality teaching and learning for full undergraduate degrees in Arts, Commerce and Science. It also provides the first year of study for most undergraduate majors and postgraduate options.

From 2001 CENRM has focussed on targeted, cost-effective and innovative research and research training with a view to enhancing the environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being in the Great Southern and elsewhere. It also has a strong interest in the delivery of learning and teaching with an integrated research and industry focus.

The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia (RCSWA) was established in 2002 with the explicit goal of attracting more doctors to regional, rural and remote practice. The placement of medical students from both UWA and the University of Notre Dame has been coordinated by RCSWA since 2007. Students have the opportunity to spend an academic year training in a regional, rural or remote location with the expectation that this experience will increase the likelihood that, after graduation, they will choose to practise in regional areas.

The Albany campus is an integral part of UWA, committed to helping the University meet its broader mission, while benefiting the Great Southern region through focused education, research and community activities that reflect the richness and diversity of the region.

Memories from UWA Albany

You, me and the deep, blue sea: Understanding our oceans

Long-loved for their abundant bounty, oceans comprise some 70% of the earth’s mass and are rising. At once benevolent and ferocious, there is no doubt they play a critical role in our lives and in the future of our planet.

Gone are the days when oceans could be taken for granted for fun, food and transport. And while we have learned much about harnessing their enormous power even in the face of vulnerability, there is much more to understand. Science is key.

On Thursday 24 October 2019, Dr Mark Buckley, Dr Wiebke Ebeling, Kirsty Alexander, Thobani Hlophe and Adi Kurniawan shared an insightful panel discussion on oceans, ecology, energy and more marking 20 years of UWA in Albany. You can listen to a podcast of the panel and view the event gallery below.

Listen to the discussion and get inspired to make change happen

The panel

UWA Albany 20th Anniversary Procession and Celebration

On Friday 25 October 2019, UWA alumni, students, staff and friends of UWA Albany took part in a procession down York St to the Albany Entertainment Centre in celebration of 20 years in the region.